Align, Stretch & Relax

There are three key elements to keeping the body calm, happy, and pain free. The bones and muscles of the body must be in alignment to minimize strain and maximize function of the musculoskeletal system. The soft tissues of the body (muscles, ligaments and tendons) have to be put into healthy extension, or stretched, to keep the body’s soft tissue purged of toxins and engorged with nutrients. And finally, the body needs to release stress hormones and tension in order to calm the mind and allow a peaceful demeanor and restful sleep.

Aligning, stretching and relaxing the body and mind can be easily attained through yoga and massage practices. Yoga is a more active practice. Massage is a more passive practice. Depending on what is effecting a person, what their lifestyle is and their personality type, one type of practice may be more appealing than the other. For people that are interested in yoga but prefer a passive massage, Thai massage is also a good option. Thai massage offers people a more passive type practice with yoga type stretches. This is a good option for  a spectrum of lifestyles from the avid athlete to people in need of physical rehabilitation.

Align, Stretch, and Relax… Enjoy your life to its fullest. Reduce your physical pain. Calm your mind. Manage your stress.  Reduce bodily injury from repetitive actions or sports. Increase your physical and mental performance. Improve your quality of life.  Let us help you manage life’s rigorous demands through yoga and massage. A natural solution to what it is in this life that ails you.

Thai Herbal Massage